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Landscape Design by the Sharp Landscape Group
We believe planning is one of the most important factors in the design and construction of your individual landscape. It starts with an analysis of existing garden site conditions including context, views, sun and shadow patterns, topography, soil composition and plantings.

We take time to understand your needs and desires, using experience and knowledge to mold them into a majestic vision. During the garden design experience with The Sharp Design Landscape Group we work closely with our clients and partners throughout the design process to get a true understanding of your goals so that we can achieve them in the design.

The result? Designs that are at once contemporary, exquisite and timeless, appropriate to their surroundings and able to encapsulate the pure essence of outdoor space that successfully accentuates the lifestyles of our clientele.

The Process

Step 1. Initial Consultation

We begin with an onsite meeting ($160.00 non-refundable or credited toward your design fee.)
At this meeting we will discuss what is important to your individual needs within your landscaping.

From this information we will provide an initial needs analysis, sketch out some preliminary ideas, show the client some previous projects that are relevant to the presented ideas and establish a preliminary budget based on the project.

Once we have determined the scope of work, we can establish the estimated design costs involved in planning your landscape.

Step 2. The Design

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Once the project ideas are firmly established and the client has retained our services, we will begin the design phase.

The design process includes;

Detailed site measurements, including existing building trees, plantings and any other existing hardscape elements. This will include a list of plant material that could be transplanted or left in situ during the project.

The site elevations and grade changes will be measured and noted, as well as any areas for special considerations, such as, areas of poor drainage, septic fields etc.

The site will be thoroughly reviewed to record the sun and shade patterns and areas that have views or need screening. Special site features will be noted. For Vancouver Island it is very important to recognize and include areas in the landscape that would need fencing for animal control, ie. Deer.

Site photos for a record of the ‘before’ landscape.

Once this information has been gathered and processed, we will be able to help you visualize your new outdoor living space with the help of to-scale drawings.

The coloured design drawings will include an initial concept plan that has been born through a collaboration between the client and the designer. As well as a master plan that will outline all of the new elements of the landscape plan.

We can offer an enhanced design service to include 3D rendering of your landscape plan to even further enhance the visualization of your new outdoor space.

Working Irrigation plans are also available to add for an extra fee.
Landscape design is an artful tradition, combining nature and culture. The practice of landscape design connects the ideas between landscape architecture and garden design.
At The Sharp Design Landscape Group ltd., we explore the creativity and the beauty of nature to create harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and functional areas that will perform as comfortable, stylish living spaces that surround that outside of your home. We offer full 3D and 2D professional design layouts created by our certified designers.

From the initial client meeting to standing back and admiring the finished project, we are there every step of the way to help navigate through the project elements for a successful, dynamic outcome of your custom landscape vision.

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