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Water Smart Garden Tips

1. Water Pots in the Afternoon and your Garden in the Morning. The timing of when you water potted plants during the day can have a significant effect on plant growth. Pine bark based potting mixes however have low moisture retention properties, meaning pot plants dry out more quickly. The research found that plants watered…
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Favorite and Beautiful Lawn Alternatives

Fields of Green: 5 Favorite Lawn Substitutes by Janet Hall  Ah, the scent of freshly mowed grass. And... lawn mower noise, grass allergies, proliferation of chemical fertilizers, obscene water consumption, and continual war with lawn intruders (of the "weed" variety). The suburban romance with groomed grass turf is over. The good news for those who still…
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Plant a Bee Attracting Garden

Make a bee house or a bee bath, it's easy! (Credit: yelnoc via Flickr.) Some people think nature is "out there", in a national park or other designated wilderness area. But bees, our most important pollinators, love to live in urban settings where there are short flight paths, and a variety of different plants and…
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The Easiest Way to Compost

         1. Carbon-rich “brown” materials, such as fall leaves, straw, dead flowers from your garden, and shredded newspaper. 2. Nitrogen-rich “green” materials, such as grass clippings, plant-based kitchen waste (vegetable peelings and fruit rinds, but no meat scraps), or barnyard animal manure (even though its color is usually brown, manure is full…
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